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Monday, December 31, 2007

My MusEd Predictions for 2008...sort of...

Ok- this is not really about my predictions for music education...I am guilty of creating a provocative title for my last post of 2007 with hopes that you will read my final thoughts, resolutions, confessions and hopeful predictions about my practice as a music educator in 2008:

In 2008 I predict that I will:

*Plan ahead.
The immediacy of the internet and my own laziness has made me a lousy planner. No more last minute lessons or off-the-cuff rehearsals.

*Keep my chops in shape.
If I can't wow my students with my playing or singing, I'm just a teacher. I need to be a performer as well as a teacher. As a general music teacher, it's too easy to let my technique slide. I need to keep performing and practicing regularly.

*Only perform quality repertoire.

I'm done picking repertoire based solely on the label Editor's Choice for my students. I need to take the time to find quality music; the kind that inspired me to be a music teacher. I need to remember that excellent music may not be easily accessible at first playing or singing for my students, but the reward comes in digging deeper each time the piece is rehearsed and performed.

*Convince my students that hard work and self-denial is what it takes to get results.
I need to remind my students that time spent practicing is the only way to get better. Can I create a culture of excellence based on good practice habits?

*Teach my students how to practice.
I will no longer tell my students to practice without defining clear expectations and outcomes for each practice session...(sounds like a future blog post).

*Use technology responsibly.
I vow to create meaningful uses of technology in my practice as a music teacher. I have been guilty of creating fun moments with technology, but now I need to plan (see first point above) on connecting my use of technology to standards and learning for each of my students.

Here comes 2008...I want to be ready for a new year of better teaching.

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